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Qatar Airways’ Iftar meal on selected flights


Qatar Airways during the Holy Month will be offering passengers an Iftar meal box with a traditional Middle Eastern twist to break the fast.

The airline’s Iftar boxes will be offered to first and business class passengers travelling on selected flights. The boxes in the premium cabins will have either a chicken or vegetarian sandwich wrap, hummous, crudités, mini Arabic bread, mixed nuts, baklava, dates, an Alpen fruit and nut bar, fresh laban and water. Passengers travelling in economy will be offered an Iftar meal box containing a vegetarian sandwich wrap, Walker biscuit, dried fruits, dates, mixed nuts, fresh laban and water.

This year’s Iftar boxes will be distributed on Qatar Airways flights to Abu Dhabi, Abha, Amman, Alexandria, Bahrain, Basra, Baghdad, Cairo, Dammam, Dubai, Erbil, Gassim, Hofuf, Jeddah, Kuwait, Khartoum, Luxor, Muscat, Medina, Mashad, Najaf, Ras Al Khaimah, Riyadh, Salalah, Sulaymaniyah, Sharjah, Shiraz, Taif and Yanbu.