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First Central Hotel Suites goes paperless


In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, First Central Hotel Suites has now made all its marketing material available online.

With the ‘Go Online. Go Paperless’ campaign, the hotel aims to significantly reduce usage and wastage of paper as well as printing requirements.

Wael El Behi, general manager of First Central Hotel Suites, said, “Paperless makes a lot of sense especially in this digital era. In keeping with our responsible and sustainable environmental practices we have decided to make all our brochures, factsheets, and media files available for download online. This will tremendously help in cutting down consumption of paper as well as unnecessary costs. In addition, it will boost efficiency allowing us to update promotions and information in real time.”

First Central Hotel Suites was awarded the Green Key certification 2016-2017 in January this year for its green practices that include a host of environment-friendly energy, water and waste management initiatives.