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Venture Planet: Carving a niche in tourism solutions


Representation of a tourism clients is a challenging role especially in a constantly changing market like the UAE. In keeping with the trends, representation too as a role has its own nuances. Nonetheless, donning a confident role as a tourism solution provider is Manju Manchanda, founder of Venture Planet. With over 15 years in the tourism industry covering both India and UAE market, Manju has a well-thought-out approach for her clients. She believes in handling clients with a strategic focus offering them steady and consistent growth.

As a company, Venture Planet handles select B2B clients among which are Tour East and Start Travel (Azerbaijan). The company serves as a bridge between clients and the travel industry in the region. As Manju states, “We have the ability to provide strategic direction, drive revenue growth, and manage key relationships. We also focus on increasing awareness, liaising directly with key trade partners and initiating strategies that will lead to overall growth. The ultimate objective for us is to boost sales for our clients by analyzing the existing and potential volume of agents.”

In terms of performance for this year, Manju adds, “We have witnessed steady growth for Azerbaijan since January 2017, whereas, Asia Pacific has experienced season travelers during holiday season adding to our client’s total volume.”

With a sales and operations office based in UAE, Venture Planet services its clients with strong staff support who also have an edge of being multi-lingual. In addition, the company also supports its clients with varied activities such as hosting roadshows, familiarization trips, Iftar gathering and information dissemination of special promotions, regular updates, and deals through on-going email marketing initiatives.

Manju is clear about her target audience. She states, “We are currently working with leading travel agents in UAE which help us to cater to both the expatriate and UAE local nationals. This ensures we get a good mix of nationalities traveling to our respective partner destinations.”