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It’s All About Perceptions


Charmaine Fernz, Managing Editor, Travel Bulletin Middle East 

The last month of the year has so many emotions attached to it – festive spirit, expectations of a New Year, holiday mood, family time and the list is endless. The same sentiments are also related to our cover story which focuses on Cruise Tourism. This aspect of a holiday is looked at in so many ways – a different experience, reluctance, new vacation options, family time – the overall point is that of perception.

Talking about perception, I would like to point out an interesting fact that was highlighted to me during one of my interactions with cruise players. It was said that many people do not like to take a cruise vacation because of the fear of an accident or fear of drowning. This was directly pointed to a perception created based on the iconic movie – Titanic.

Well, the incident occurred over a decade ago and life has changed drastically since then. However, it would be worth a thought about the power of perception – be it good or bad?

In view of the cruise industry, the whole concept is a juxtaposition between reality and unmatched opportunities, especially in the Middle East region. Despite several efforts, the segment remains a much-talked subject. However, the proof is in the pie as they say, so, the numbers say it all. Our interaction with cruise companies and destinations revealed considerable work being undertaken to boost this industry. Cruise companies are going beyond the regular to make the experience – out of this world – but despite a lot of concerted efforts, it has yet to gain the market share, it deserves. We all do hope that the coming years see a change in the perception of people towards cruising.

Rounding up the last issue of the year on a perceptive note, we wrap up in the words of Lyndon B Johnson – “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” So let us look to the New Year 2018 not with perception but hope that ‘Nothing is Impossible for those who believe’…