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Keeping up with the Times


We would like to wish all our readers a very ‘Happy New Year’ and look forward to the year ahead with spirited optimism as quoted by Oprah Winfrey – “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right”. This quote is so true in the present context as many of us make so many New Year resolutions, all to see in go down in a couple of months. While the flip side, is the fear of the unknown. In keeping with this sentiment, we at Travel Bulletin Middle East, have focused the current issues on new trends that are shaping the industry.

There are many new technological advancements being talked about – Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchains and the all–encompassing mobile era. Many of the spoken technologies are already being deployed in some form or the other in the industry. However, there are so many new issues the industry is grappling with or rather will have to adapt to which would be the future. If one has to go back a decade or so, the growth of technology was very hesitantly approach by the travel industry only to see that today, everyone is talking technology in some form or the other.

As an industry, it would be for the betterment of organisations to adapt and adopt the best practices for growth rather than following a herd mentality. In addition, with changing technologies, one is also witnessing a shift in consumer behaviours which directly impact their travel decisions. It is thus the right approach to move with the times, prepare ourselves to brace technology in all its entirety. We have also addressed the concept of over-crowding in a destination mostly, known cities and its harmful impact. In these cases, the use of technology and adopting the right strategies would be ideal to smooth processes.

We once again wish our reader the best of 2018 and look forward to a year filled with success, positive strategies and abundant growth!!!