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Lanterns released for Taiwan Lantern Festival 2018


To celebrate the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, a beagle-inspired handheld lantern for the 2018 Lantern Festival was unveiled, with long ears that ‘flap’ when the lantern moves and a special belly that casts a paw-shaped shadow.

The lanterns are also decorated with iconic images of Chiayi County, where the annual festival will be held from 2-11 March 2018. These include Alishan forest railway, art works from the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum and aboriginal totems.

“The lantern released is named Dali, which means ‘robust’ in Mandarin and represents a good omen for the New Year,” said central government Tourism Bureau Director-General, Chou Yung-hui.

About 100,000 lanterns will be handed out in total in front of Chiayi County government and Chiayi Bus Station from 16 Feb to 11 March 2018. The total will be 2,000 every week day and 5,000 on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition to handheld lanterns, there will also be a 21-meter high main lantern featuring an aboriginal child and a Taiwan Dog, which will be displayed at the venue in Taibao City. More than 20,000 light circuits will also enable LED lights in the lantern to show images made up of at least 12 million pixels, it added.