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A glimpse of Venetian cuisine at Bocca


Italian food aficionados can join chef de cuisine Leonardo Passone and his kitchen brigade at Bocca from 2 – 12 March 2018 on a culinary journey through Venice. The venue will also host a masquerade-themed dining experience. The Italian restaurant at Hilton Abu Dhabi brings a special menu featuring Venetian dishes.

Traditional dishes are on the menu like homemade agnolotti filled with salted cod, grilled fresh trout fillet and pan-fried veal liver served with grilled polenta. To complete the tour through the ‘Floating City’, he has opted for a dessert most often served during Venetian carnivals – fritters filled with pastry cream.

Venetians believe in using not more than four ingredients per dish; they take food very seriously and love their seafood. The more important thing for Venetians is enjoying the meal with friends and family. In Venice, it’s all about having a memorable dining experience.