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The World’s Leading Travel Blogging Conference


The World’s Leading Travel Blogging Conference Coming to Ostrava, Czech Republic in 2018

TBEX (The Travel Blog Exchange), the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, content creators, and social media-savvy travel industry professionals, will be for the first time in its history holding an event in Central Europe. The 2018 TBEX Europe Conference will take place from 26 – 28 July, 2018 in the city of Ostrava in the eastern part of the Czech Republic.


CzechTourism, the national tourism board of the Czech Republic, together with the Moravian-Silesian Region and the city of Ostrava announced today that they have won the bid to host the prestigious and influential travel media event after a year-long marathon of negotiations. The conference annually attracts more than 600 travel influencers from all over the world and with a reach of 300 million has potential to make the Czech Republic go viral next year.


The Czech Republic is a destination in the very heart of Europe. Filled with inspiring stories, unusual travel experiences and both historical and natural beauties it is no wonder the country of 10 million attracts approximately the same number of international visitors every year.  In the northeast corner of the country tucked between Poland and Slovakia and surrounded with romantic Beskydy Mountains and the high Jeseníky Mountains lies the 3rd largest Czech city of Ostrava.


The city of Ostrava, often nicknamed as the black pearl of the Czech Republic, is one of the as-yet-undiscovered treasures of the Czech Republic, which could have come straight from a Jules Verne novel! “We look forward to welcoming all the creative digital wizards and seeing their view of our city, which has undergone a major transformation over the past several years. A city that is proud of its mining-industrial past, but is now heading in the new direction; innovative (our Ostrava supercomputer ranks among the top 100 most powerful computers in the world), environmental-friendly (a candidate for the European Green City 2020), inspiring (Lower Vítkovice Area, a UNESCO candidate) but also just a great place for living,” said Tomáš Macura, the city mayor of Ostrava.



Next July, a week after the internationally acclaimed multi-genre music festival Colours of Ostrava more than 600 conference delegates from around the world will flock to the capital of Moravian-Silesian Region. The Region’s President Ivo Vondrák welcomes the conference as it will also drive tourism and economic development. “Connecting two world-class events that will celebrate diversity and bring together thousands of people from different parts of the world in the post-industrial setting of Ostrava is a great opportunity for the Moravian-Silesian Region as a whole,” added Mr. Vondrák.


The timing of the conference could not have been better as 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the independent Czechoslovakia, a country that existed for 75 years, until 1993, when it peacefully split into two sovereign states: Czech Republic and Slovakia. “In the context of this anniversary, we will tell stories of architecture and design, stories of Czech lifestyle, new emerging culinary, coffee and craft beer scene, and stories of the formation of our country. If travel bloggers who will come for the conference help us share our stories and their experience, it could put not only the hosting city of Ostrava but the whole country on the map in a big way,” said Monika Palatková, general manager of CzechTourism.


It is expected that TBEX Europe 2018 attendees will primarily come from North America and Europe but there will also be a sizeable contingent present from Asia and the rest of the world. Most TBEX delegates are content creators, producers of blogs, videos or podcasts but approximately 20% of those in attendance also include Destination Management Organizations (DMO), Travel Brands, Hoteliers, Tour Operators, Public Relations and Marketing Agencies, Traditional Media Editors and Publishers.


Anticipating next year’s event in the Czech Republic, Rick Calvert, CEO of TBEX said: “We have been keeping this secret for many months now and we cannot wait for next July! The TBEX community is going to love Ostrava, the Moravian Silesian Region and the entire Czech Republic. We expect excitement for this event to be through the roof”.