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Sustainable Seas: Royal Caribbean International at the Vanguard of Green Initiatives


The cruise industry at large has always been criticised for its environmental impact, from the passenger waste to the effluent produced by their gigantic engines. Nevertheless, Royal Caribbean International has taken incredible steps in improving its commitment to sustainability through its “Above and Beyond Compliance” initiative.

By following strict company policies, practices, and regulations, this initiative helps to achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship. Starting with waste management through their Save the Waves programme, which started 26 years ago, Royal Caribbean International has evolved a company-wide philosophy of emissions reduction and waste water treatment. Through its key principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, generation of waste material has decreased, materials are reused and recycled wherever possible, and remaining waste is properly dispose. Not to mention that it is strictly forbidden to throw anything overboard.

For numerous years, through implementation of advanced designs and technologies, Royal Caribbean Cruises have built some of the lowest emission-producing ships in the industry. As transporting cruise ships demands more energy than anything else onboard, Royal Caribbean International takes pride in being a leader in the use of new ship designs and technologies for more energy efficient cruise ships. Through utilising alternative fuels or renewable energy sources, emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants are reduced significantly.

Design elements, such as hull configuration, the introduction and complete refit of LED lights which use less power and create less heat, or high efficiency appliances, which do jobs faster and use less energy. Window tinting across the fleet has also meant the reduction of air conditioning usage, while protecting the interiors, meaning they last longer.

Royal Caribbean International has ensured that waste management has been done as sustainably as possible. The cruise liner’s own team hand-sorts the waste from every trash receptacle on the ship, including those in staterooms looking at factors such as whether waste is reused, recycled, incinerated or landfilled by the local authorities. Recyclable clothing and books are donated, and dry waste and internationally regulated food-contacted waste that cannot be directly recycled are sent to a waste-to-energy facility where they are converted into electricity. The management of hazardous or special waste is one of their highest priorities.

Travellers concerned with their environmental foot print may sail with ease knowing that sustainability and environmental protection is at the forefront of investment and an ongoing effort at Royal Caribbean International.

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