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The indispensability of travel protection plans


Given the complexities, uncertainties and vicissitudes of modern day travels, it is becoming increasingly clear and imperative that travellers must obtain travel protection to cope with any eventualities.

Increasingly, governments, airlines, healthcare institutions and travel agencies around the globe have been echoing the necessity of travel insurance and some have also made it mandatory in certain cases.

This opinion is also echoed by Ramsumesh R. Menon, General Manager, Al Gosaibi Travel, Bahrain, in an exclusive conversation with Travel Bulletin Middle East. Menon, an experienced travel industry veteran, has been outspoken on this count and offered professional counsel and insights into making the case for buying travel insurance that offers protection and indemnity from unforeseen and unexpected circumstances.

In similar vein, Arijit Munshi, General Manager, Tune Protect, EMEIA, also advocates the acquisition of a good  travel protection plans for peace of mind to ensure the secure feeling of being ‘covered’ but effectively also guaranteeing the reimbursement of losses suffered by the traveller or for the damage or mislaid accompanying possessions during the travel process.


Q: What should a traveler look for when purchasing Travel Protection Plans?

Ramsumesh R. Menon (RRM): Planning for business travel, vacation with family or friends or studying abroad must include a travel protection plan to take care of risks and uncertainties that might occur before, during and after the trip.

Traveling without a travel assurance cover is like skydiving without a parachute. Whilst travelling to the Schengen countries, travel insurance is compulsory. It is also a must for Haj or Umrah to Saudi Arabia to protect one-self for any medical reasons during travel.

The best and most convenient facet of buying insurance cover today is that a traveller can purchase a customised assurance plan that suits his or her travel needs. There are multiple plans on offer and a traveller has several choices. For all our ‘Go Holidays Signature’ packages, we include travel protection plans as a mandatory component within the travel package.

Q: Do you have a travel cover that assures expensive items such as electronic items and/or checked-in items?

Arijit Munshi (AM):  Large electronic items such as a television cannot be hand-carried and must be checked-in when traveling. These are clearly prone to damage or even being lost when in transit.


Also, the recent lifting of the ban for electronic items for air travel has fueled the introduction of the ‘Tune Protect Electronic Travel Assurance’ package. This cover is an excellent value protection plan for travellers who carry large electronic items such as television sets or valuable electronic as gifts back home. An important guideline for travellers to remember is that the ‘Electronics Assurance Plan’ only covers the item as checked-in during air travel and not before or after the transit or carriage process.


Q:  What kind of emergencies can the traveller face when travelling? And how do they protect themselves against the same?

AM:  Extreme worry can negate the excitement of travel, but a little forethought and planning can potentially help you deal with emergencies that may arise before or during your trip.

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen and come unpredictably and in all different forms, from falling ill, to becoming a victim of a crime or getting caught in the middle of political upheaval in the country of visit.

Regardless, it is always best to prepare for situations to minimise the chance of being badly affected. The best approach would be to analyse the travellers upcoming trip, understand the need of a travel protection plan and then purchase a customised assurance cover that best suits the trip requirements.

If the travel involves high-risk adventure activities such as mountain climbing or skydiving, it will best to choose an ‘Adventure’ or ‘Winter and Sport’ Tune Protect Assurance cover. Likewise, if the trip is limited to a business meeting, a standard cover will be simple, convenient and a wise choice.


Q: Should the traveler purchase online or seek help from a Travel Management Company such as yours?

RRM: Today, travel is a no longer just traveling from point A to B. Adventure and sports, shopping, pilgrimage are activities that are synonymous with travel. The insurance sector is very much a part of the rise of e-commerce and is gaining popularity, and with good reason.

Buying from an insurance agent was good enough and adequate in the old days when there was no Internet. The payments used to be in cash or cheque, which otherwise could have been used for emergency purposes.

The convenience of purchasing an assurance cover either online or seeking advice from an expert comes with an array of benefits from customising your cover as per your travel needs and the convenience of paying online with a click and round-the-clock assistance.

Nothing could get easier and simpler by the seamless and eco-friendly online process when compared to the cumbersome paper work. With security being the foremost priority with digital payment gateways, the experience of paying online and getting the policy soft-copy within seconds in your mailbox has become all too easy. Buying an assurance cover online is hassle-free, super-fast and offers 24/7 accessibility.