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Celebrate the 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival!


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been holding the Taiwan Lantern Festival for years to attract visitors and raise the international profile of the cultural attractions of Taiwan with the idea of “spreading the roots of folk culture while holding traditional fests at an international level”. The Taiwan Lantern Festival adds a high-tech touch to this traditional custom and brings the event to the international stage. From the theme lantern displays to folk arts and performances, the festival has become a favorite of both locals and foreign visitors.

The 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be celebrated from 19th February to 3rd March. Bringing together tourism, technology, culture and art, the festival will be held in Pingtung County.

Lantern parades are traditionally held on the Lantern Day. By combining traditional culture with top-notch technology, Taiwan Lantern Festival presents itself as a shining fest compatible with its international counterparts. The main lantern area is so beautiful that it is impossible to appreciate everything at once. Local and overseas folk troupes dedicate their remarkable performances to the festival’s goers. Many other performance groups also bring their impressive shows to the audience. The festival has therefore been hailed by local participants and foreign guests alike.

Pingtung is planning to build an innovative lantern festival, filled with technological, artistic and cultural elements, with each of the displays standing out with its uniqueness. Plan your trip to Taiwan during the Lantern Festival for a cultural experience of a lifetime!