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A Vibrant Mix of the Ancient & Modern city: Taipei


A Vibrant Mix of the Ancient & Modern city: Taipei

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is culturally rich, a highly-developed and vibrant city. Taipei offers a wide range of world-class facilities – with exciting eclectic restaurants, there is no shortage of topnotch restaurants, shopping malls, luxury hotels and cafés. Taipei has kept its ancient Taiwanese culture alive, which you can experience in the museums or simply while taking a stroll around the old streets or in the exquisite food they serve.

Standing at 510 meters with 101 levels above the ground, Taipei 101, is the tallest building in Taiwan serving as commercial complex and luxury mall, housing offices of renowned international businesses apart from top-notch brand names and boutique stores. The neighbouring Shinkong Mitsubishi, Bellavita and Breeze Center are also globally known for fine dining and top-quality services. Xinyi District, also known as “Taipei Manhattan”, is the most iconic shopping zone in the Taipei metropolitan area where hotels, cinemas and trendy restaurants flocked. Taipei provides visitors various experiences by just walking down its streets which are full of character.

In the middle of the National Theater and Concert Hall sits an internationally renowned mesmerizing landmark, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. The shift-changing ceremony of the guards here is one of the biggest attractions in Taipei. Then there is the Taipei National Palace Museum that displays the world’s most precious collection of ancient artefacts covering 5,000 years of historical and artistic achievements.

Beitou hot spring has been famous since Japanese colonial times. The area is surrounded by natural scenic spots and historic monuments like Beitou Museum, Yinsong Building, Beitou Hot Spring Park, and the Folk Museum. Luxurious hot spring hotels can also be found here.


In Taipei, other than the old night markets, there are plenty of night bars, clubs and lounges all over the city.

Taipei provides convenience in all aspects of life. You can enjoy fast and wide-spread WiFi, easy transportation, 24hr convenience stores, and helpful tourist services. There are 11 visitor information centers and 12 information stations in Taipei offering local tour information, maps, WiFi hotspots, free brochures on comprehensive information and other friendly services to help the travellers. Taipei Metro has 5 lines covering 168km and serving 117 stations at present; allowing passengers to travel across Taipei shortly. Taipei has its very own Taipei YouBike, launched recently, and is eco-friendly bike-share system helping people to commute easily. Moreover, double-decker sight-seeing buses are now available in Taipei! Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery while listening to the guide’s passionate story-telling as they tour around renowned attractions on the double-decker bus.

Taipei is well known for being one of the best places to get latest and discounted electronic products. Taipei itself is highly developed when it comes to technologies and associated products. The famous Guanghua market and the new Syntrend creative park are two among many other shopping districts providing top-quality audio, computer, comic and animation, video gaming and 3D printing merchandise.

Experience the culture and tradition at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Four South Village. Visit Zhongshan shopping district and alleys in Minsheng Community for local great bookstores, coffee shops and stationery shops. And to enjoy the retrospective vibes, Dadaocheng is the perfect place to roam in the old streets and lanes, exploring the newly established culture. In Dadeosheng, Treasure Hill and Beitou Od Street, numerous historical buildings have been transformed into characteristic cafés where the aroma of freshly roasted coffee blending in with the vibe of the cafés in historic buildings gives you the true romance and vibrancy of the treasure that is Taipei.