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Journey to paradise – Ozen by Atmosphere at Madhoo Island, Maldives


Journey to paradise – Ozen by Atmosphere at Madhoo Island, Maldives

Ozen by Atmosphere at Madhoo Island, Maldives, is not only gorgeous and breathtaking on the outside, but it has an even more beautiful soul on the inside. The soul of the resort is its people. Each staff is friendly, chatty, informed, confident, and only wants to make everything for the guest better than it already is…


My adventure on this unbelievably stunning island – the Maldives – began with meeting the Ozen representative outside Arrivals. We waited for a few minutes for other guests to join while handing over our luggage to the hotel representatives who assigned tags to each guest’s bag. The speed boat was a few steps away across the road. For a first time visitor, it’s surprising – the proximity of the water to the land, it’s everywhere, obviously it’s an island, but being my first time, it felt unique, surprising and unlike anything I’d seen before.

We were helped to board our boat and once inside we were briefed about the time till our destination – 45 minutes maximum, given life jackets to wear through the duration of the trip, given refreshments – mints and chilled water and the Wifi password. Television screens on either side of the boat played a video of the overview of the property – what was to come. But with the beauteous scene playing outside the large windows as we cruised along the sometimes smooth sometimes choppy waters, who would watch television.

Upon disembarking from the boat, we were greeted by the entire management team who had lined up to welcome all their guests. Each guest was garlanded with a handmade leaf necklace. The General Manager, Jagath Meyn, courteous and welcoming, personally ensured we were well taken care of. We were ushered into the open air lobby, and served a homemade, chilled welcome drink. And were taken to breakfast before we retired to our rooms for a few hours before lunch.

The weather is surprisingly warm as the temperature shows it to be about 29 degrees Celsius during the end of October when I visited. But as everything is outdoors, always, unless you stay in your room, which you don’t, you have to be prepared to dress accordingly.


The resort is spread out on two small islands (the total area of which is only a mile and a half). There are 90 luxurious stand alone villas of which 14 are Earth Villas facing the beach, 17 are Earth Villas with a private pool facing the beach, 10 are Earth Family two bedroom suites with a private pool and facing the beach, 24 over water Wind Villas and 24 over water Wind Villas with a private pool and the Ozen Water Suite – over water, lavish, three bedroom suite with private bathrooms in each room, its own 35 sq metre pool, private gym, maid’s room with separate entrance, kitchen and a very grand dining pavilion and of course a butler, too. Each room comes with a shared butler, however.

I was in an Earth Villa with private pool facing the beach. Once you leave the reception area, the residences are all extremely private, with a seclusion created by the dense, tall trees and shrubs growing close together and tended to round the clock by resort staff. The wooden doors to each accommodation open up to a beautiful pool and lead to the entrance of the villa. Sliding doors open up into a trendy, spacious room with a large four poster bed a daybed in front of it, a cosy seating area on the left, a television and mini bar on the right. The room is lit up with ample windows bringing in daylight from all angles. Behind the room, accessible from both sides of the bed is the glorious bathroom. With mirrors everywhere, two large stone sinks on a very large vanity, ample closet space and a lavatory, leading out through glass doors to the outdoor bath tub and marble latticed shower area. The room design is understated luxe and amenities are all full size.

Outside the room there is seating as well as casual beach seating complete with a straw umbrella and bean bags on the sand in front of your very own stretch of private beach.


Ozen by Atmosphere is one of the first properties in the Maldives to have an all inclusive Indulgence Plan for all guests. This means, the guest once checked in doesn’t really need a wallet all over the resort till check out because the plan includes everything even non-motorised sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling.

Which means the resort’s, five restaurants – The Palms all day dining with buffet and live stations, the Traditions Indo Ceylon (open only for dinner and serves Indian and Chinese cuisines in separate seating areas), underwater restaurant M6M, Joie de Vivre open all day for snacks and drinks and RAW for fresh, healthy options – will keep your hunger at bay wherever you may be on the island.


The fact that the staff treats you like you’re a part of their family really makes a lasting impression on the overall experience you have. And that feeling translates into how you enjoy the ambience. This is most evident in all the restaurants. You feel as if you are at home and have to try all the food on offer! And the weather ensures you burn off everything quicker and you can eat more than usual at each meal time. Which you will do.

The food is fresh, abundant, and really good. Also, the staff will make you anything you may want to eat if the array still feels lacking.

The resort also creates a buzz about their Friday evenings each week with a Sarong night followed by a Gala Dinner at the Palms. All guests are given sarongs prior which they have to dress in if they wish and attend even more celebrations! This Gala Night was the most amazing in terms of the preparations, the food, the ambience and the fun. With live entertainment and endless food, you manage to really forget there’s another real world which exists outside of all this where you pay for everything and have to have jobs and pick up after yourself.

Dinner at M6M

At the other end of the island property located at the end of the over water villas is the underground restaurant, M6M. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner. Once inside, you don’t need conversation or even your phone. Well, just to take pictures. The live show put up by the fish, manta rays, sharks, little, medium and big fish is unlike anything. The fish in their natural habitat are extraordinary.

Yes, you hardly focus on the food. But when the five course menu arrives you do focus on it. There are two set menus to choose from. The food is prepared and presented in an exceptional manner as expected and is delicious.


The Elena Spa is tucked away on one side of the Palms restaurant. Although it is a part of the resort, it still manages to relax you further with it’s beautiful lotus pool and beach facing reception and the beautiful treatment rooms. Each room has the most relaxing, pain reducing and stress relieving view of crystal clear waters and each treatment bed looks down into the beach with all the natural habitat of white snails and other little creatures going about their days which you can watch while the therapist makes your life even better than it already is.


One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to leave. But you have to. So the next thing you think is of coming back. And this feeling of how happy the experience was and the longing to return hits you each time you think back about your time there. This trip was a big bucket list item ticked off. You need to do it.