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Kansai targets UAE Holiday Makers

  • Kansai’s Osaka and Wakayama Prefectures along with hotel and tour operators to jointly conduct UAE travel agent workshops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • 38% capacity increase on Emirates’ Dubai – Kansai International Airport route with the launch of A380 service –

With the objective of encouraging more visitors from the UAE and Gulf Countries to visit the Kansai Region of Japan, a delegation of 3 tourism boards (Kansai Tourism Bureau, Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and Wakayama Prefectural Government) along with hotels, tour operators and cultural attractions from the Kansai region, will visit the U.A.E. from November 6 – 10, 2018 as part of a mission that will include various top level meetings with UAE aviation, travel and tourism leaders, as well as travel agent workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A primary objective of the visit will be the promotion of Kansai’s long history, unique traditional and urban cultures, as well as the exciting shopping opportunities and attractions of the Kansai region as a must-see tourist destination for UAE and Gulf Country residents.

Kansai region is located in western Japan, and was the center for Japanese culture, government, religion and history for more than 1,000 years. Co-existing with beautiful nature, Kansai is the heartland of Japan, where visitors can find the origins of Japanese culture and spirituality, not only through the 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in the region, but also in the traditional crafts, gastronomy and people themselves.

From the large commercial and modern entertainment city of Osaka, to the port city of Kobe with its exotic foreign influences, to the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto, to the spiritual heartlands of Wakayama and Mie, Kansai is where unique, different Japanese local cultures compactly exist within the one region, making Kansai the best destination for travellers to experience the true essence of both traditional and modern Japan.

Emirates flies daily from Dubai to Kansai / Osaka International Airport, with the aircraft servicing the route recently upgraded to an A380 service from October 28th, 2018; thereby providing an additional 38% passenger capacity increase for visitors travelling from Dubai directly to Kansai. Kansai is not only easily accessible, but open and welcoming to all international guests from all backgrounds. To make Muslim and Middle Eastern guests as welcome and comfortable as possible, many hotels, hospitality and restaurant partners throughout Kansai have made extensive efforts to learn the cultural and religious needs of Muslim guests, including making available various services and offerings that are Halal or Muslim-friendly.

Mr. Akihiko Shibahara, head of the Strategic Project Office at the Osaka Prefectural Government says, “The Kansai region has a long running connection with the UAE. Osaka City is a sister city of Dubai, and the Emirates direct flight to Kansai has been a great and valued partner in bringing the peoples of our two regions closer together. Through this mission we hope to make Kansai even more accessible and inviting to travellers from the UAE and Gulf Countries, especially for those seeking meaningful holiday experiences that highlight unique cultures and traditions, breath-taking natural and manmade landscapes, exquisite local cuisine, and ‘omotenashi’ authentic Japanese hospitality. We are confident that all who visit Kansai leave inspired, rejuvenated, enlivened and enchanted. That’s what Kansai offers.”

A visa-waiver arrangement for UAE nationals started in July 2017, so that UAE nationals possessing valid ordinary e-passports can apply at the Embassy of Japan in Abu Dhabi or Consulate General of Japan in Dubai to apply for visa-waiver registration. In general, such applicants receive their passport with the visa waiver registration seal the next working day.

As a centre for Japanese traditional arts, crafts, and design, Kansai is also a shopper’s delight, offering many unique fashions, accessories, and finely crafted items in both traditional and modern forms that can’t be found anywhere else. Many Kansai retailers, including department stores, also offer foreign visitors tax free shopping, whereby the tax is removed at the point of purchase, making for great savings.

In addition to representatives from the Kansai Tourism Bureau, Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and Wakayama Prefectural Government, the 15 member strong Kansai delegation also includes high ranking representatives from such companies and organisations as JR West Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Osaka, Shokado Garden Art Museum, Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata, Total Flow as well as tour operators such as Ayabex, J-Links and the Japonesque.

To find out more about Kansai, Japan and the special Kansai travel packages on offer, contact your local travel agency or Emirates Holidays.