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SIHOT Chooses Dubai HITEC


SIHOT Chooses Dubai HITEC 2018 as base to launch its regional services to help local hoteliers to adopt latest technologies

Fast development and tech progress challenges hospitality industry. Modern hoteliers have to adopt new technologies to enhance their guests experience and keep properties busy. With Dubai’s high ambitions to attract 25 million tourists by 2025 and the growing numbers of hotel rooms available (additional 155,000 by 2020), local hoteliers are looking for new ways to attract more guests.

Having noticed the challenges of hoteliers in Middle East, SIHOT has partnered with BizGate Marketing & Consultancies to participate in HITEC show in Dubai to showcase its latest hospitality solutions and help industry professionals to enhance their guest experience.

SIHOT is a customer-centered complex technology solution allowing the managing of all aspects of everyday hotel operations, developed by GUBSE AG in Germany. Integrated, innovative, user-friendly software, SIHOT quickly established itself as a powerful information and management system ideal for hotel use. It combines different modules, from PMS and CRM, to self check-in terminal and web app for the guests, into one manageable application for hoteliers today.

“We understand the challenges Middle East hoteliers are facing. We want to help them to manage everyday operation using just one complex solution, as well as staying ahead by adopting the latest tech trends”, highlighted David Warren, Director of International Sales at SIHOT.

“We’ve been observing the considerable growth of rooms supply this year and it’s the crucial time for hoteliers to optimize their operations and enhance their guest experience. We are proud to introduce SIHOT to Middle East market during HITEC exhibition”, said Mohamad Masri, Managing Director of BizGate Marketing & Consultancies.