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What type of summer vacationer are you?


Summer is meant for exceptionally memorable experiences that you can re-live again and again. But every person has their own preferences and their own unique way of making their summer holiday an incredible one. So, what if there was one place that offered something for each member of a family or group of friends? Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s leisure and entertainment hub, is home to record-breaking, world-first and world-only attractions, catering to any vacationer’s whim.  The Island’s portfolio of award-winning and one-of-a-kind experiences include thrilling indoor and outdoor theme parks, a world-class motor sports facility, Abu Dhabi’s largest shopping destination, as well as a world-class Links golf course, a sprawling pristine beach, and more than 160 dining experiences to choose from. The following are five types of Yas Island vacationers that you might meet when visiting Abu Dhabi’s leisure and entertainment hub. To which one do you relate the most?

  1. The Thrill Seeker

Personality traits: Always active, looking for the next great adrenaline rush, you’re an intrepid explorer at heart, and live to tell tales and shock your friends with your experiential exploits.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • Easy enough; head to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi! Strap in, put your goggles on and prepare to be blasted 240km/h in 4.9 seconds on Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Then soar into the sky with Flying Aces, scaling heart-racing heights of 52 metres and the adrenaline rush of multiple zero gravity drops, and you’ll cross the finish feeling like a true champion. Still craving gravity defying action? Jump on Turbo Track to have your breath taken away with back-to-back thrills, a vertical climb and an epic zero gravity fall.
    • Keen to push more limits? Get your feet wet with exciting water sports, like wake surfing, wakeboarding and kite surfing, with the experts at Eywoa at the Yas Marina. Amateurs and novices alike can get coached by qualified instructors on techniques and tricks with top range gear.
  1. The Food Fanatic

Personality Traits: You see the world through a culinary narrative. You’re always on the hunt for new food experiences that your destination has to offer. Food is a way of life and you will go to extreme lengths to track down the very best eateries.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • With more than 160 restaurants and cafes, there’s no shortage of options to treat your taste buds on Yas Island. Enjoy global cuisines, from colourful street-style bites and comfort food favorites to world-class flavors and sunset sips to quench your thirst, you can embark on a global culinary journey in one destination.
  • Get some nourishment at Cascade Dining after a day of shopping at Yas Mall or hop on the complimentary Yas Express shuttle over to Yas Marina for a flavourful evening – ‘bil ‘afya’ and bon appetit!

  1. The Experience ‘grammer

Personality traits: Camera and selfie-stick at the ready? You’re all about a summer vacation that is filled with ‘grammable moments. Your idea of wealth is social capital and you love telling tales through your content and letting people know about all the amazing things to be experienced in a destination.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • Clip on your GoPro and book an exclusive driving experience behind the wheel of super cars like the Aston Martin GT4 or a Ferrari 458 GT. Then race on the legendary track of Yas Marina Circuit, which is home to the FIA World Rallycross Abu Dhabi and FORMULA 1™ ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX.
  • The glowing roof of Yas Hotel is sight not to be missed. Overlooking the buzzing Yas Marina, the hotel itself sits half on land and half on water and with a section of the Grand Prix circuit winding through its innovatively designed arch, giving you plenty of corners and angles to snap and share.
  1. The Fabulous Fashionista

Personality traits: You have a go-getter attitude to dress, impress and move the fashion needle with creative flair.  When you’re on vacation, you scout out the most opportune venues to see and be seen looking and feeling your absolute best even when you have to jet-set through a jam-packed itinerary.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • Get your retail fix at Yas Mall, the largest shopping destination in Abu Dhabi, with more than 350 popular lifestyle brands and flagship department stores. After bagging all you need, head back to your hotel in no time to prepare for a buzzing night out at Yas Marina.
  1. The Culture Connoisseur

Personality traits: You curate memories by exploring and discovering other cultures, living like a local and immersing yourself with music, clothes and food. So much so that you embody these experiences throughout your vacation and pass them off as their own after you head home.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • A cultural adventure on Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition is just the ticket for you! This Emirati adventure takes off from Yas Marina and presents guests with an authentic Arabian pearling experience, taking divers on an immersive and educational excursion, which celebrates the UAE’s pearling history and explores the traditional art of pearl diving in the Arabian Gulf.
  1. The Leisurely Groupie

Personality traits: You’re all and none of the above at once. You’re a spontaneous soul that loves to go with the flow, and when in vacation mode, you’re happy to roll out of bed whenever and figure out your itinerary on the fly, or just tag along with your family and friends – whatever is easiest and leaves you without too much to plan.

Yas Island’s Top Summer Tips:

  • Yas Island is perfect for you! With all its attractions sitting minutes away from each other, getting around at your own pace couldn’t be more convenient with the Yas Express shuttle and Bikeshare. Whether your mood calls for thrills, chills, bites or sun, your stay on Yas Island will be hassle-free, whatever you feel like doing. All of Yas Island’s hotels have dedicated concierge teams that can help you decide on what to do for the duration of your stay.


To discover more ways to experience summer on Yas Island, or to book your summer stay package, please visit: www.yasisland.ae/