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Adventurous Voyages await tourists in Mauritius


From the crystal-clear beaches to the striking greenery and wildlife diversity, this island nation has more than enough to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. That alongside the welcoming culture and friendly vibes of the locals makes it a prime destination for travellers.

But that is not all, for Mauritius is home to several thrilling adventurous activities that are worth a trip of their own. Here are some to consider.

Le Morne Brabant climb

One of the many beautiful experiences on the island is the journey to the top of this strikingly high landmark. The hike to the peak goes along rocky slopes, murky forests and indigenous grasslands, all the while giving an amazing view of the coast.

The magical vistas of the island start appearing soon after beginning the climb and further on one could witness the dazzling sight of the blue lagoon on the south side of the island.

The journey to the peak will take 3-4 hours of walking; however, the sight to behold after reaching is truly worth all the energy.

Mountain Biking

A new unique activity has become popular in the town Charamel Southwest of Mauritius. Where tourists used to go there exclusively for the food, now they can enjoy manoeuvring through the town’s roads with electric mountain bikes.

Through Charamel, one could catch the sight of Java deers and Aldabra tortoises, watch the jaw-dropping view of the Charamel waterfalls, and enjoy the beauty of the seven coloured earths.

Later, one could eat a fresh meal at the fishing village of Baie du Cap and look around through historical sites from ages past.

Sea Karting

Visitors can rent their own seakart to tour the west coast of the island at Grand Riviere Noire. On this fuel-engine raft two people could steer through the Indian ocean and enjoy a different perspective of Mauritius’ landscapes.

Kite Surfing

Professional kite surfers from around the world have agreed that the island is one of the best kitesurfing destinations on earth. The high waves and steady winds of Le Morne Peninsula makes it ideal for professional surfers. However, the shallow lagoon south of the island is a great place for beginners to learn the sport before joining the pros.


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