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Best spa holiday destinations in Central Europe


All you need is… spa! Best spa holiday destinations in Central Europe

Even though everyone has their own definition of a perfect vacation, there are some kinds of leisure that we all deserve from time to time. The best example of that would be a spa holiday! Imagine: absolutely carefree days spent relaxating, going from jacuzzi to massage, to soak bath, to yoga class and then back to jacuzzi… Doesn’t it seem like a perfect distraction from hectic months at work? You probably aren’t aware , but many of world’s favourite spa resorts are located in Central Europe: where you can go to blow off some steam and successfully reload the batteries? Here are some of our tips!

Best spa destinations in Czech Republic

The key word for Czech spa resorts is “lazne”, meaning baths or resorts. Various “lazne” were established in Czech territory back in 19th century when it was still the part of the Habsburg empire. The resorts still often use the ancient methods of treatment, tried and tested over the decades, to provide the best service for the patients. Don’t worry, they don’t include leeching – the old traditions are perfectly combined with a very modern equipment and facilities in all the famous Czech resorts.


One of the favourite spa destinations in Czech Republic is Marianske Lazne – a magical resort looking as if it was transported straight from a century ago, offering not only a variety of medical and wellness treatment based on town’s famous springs, but also magnificent landscapes to sightsee. Other places worth checking out are Lazne Jachymov, Karlova Studanka and Velke Losiny.

Best spa destinations in Hungary

You probably have no idea that at least 80% of Hungary’s territory is blessed with some form of thermal water underground (the only places to compete with that are Japan, Iceland, Italy and France).

Hungarians are making a good use out their thermal water, having created a lot of high quality spas and other wellness facilities offering the visitors a marvellous, relaxing time. The variety of the exceptional mineral waters in Hungary – containing among others alkaline, bromine, radon, sulphates and iron – are world-known for their healing qualities, suitable for various kinds of diseases and health problems.

One of the destinations you certainly shouldn’t miss is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake – Lake Heviz – where the world renowned Traditional Heviz Therapy is offered. Thanks to its warm water you can swim in the lake even in the winter.

Best spa Destinations in Poland

Most of the spa and wellness centres in Poland located in different regions of the country and found in the traditional health resorts using mineral water springs, In recent years most of the people choose the resorts located in mountains – like the famous Wierchomla Ski&Spa resort, where you can spend the day on the ski slope and the evenings indulge in various relaxation and wellness treatments.

The spa centres which offer the most complete treatments are the ones located within the luxurious hotels. The majority of them are situated in the splendid mountainous region in the south of Poland, but also in the Mazury area (the unique natural region of thousand lakes in the north-eastern part of the country) and at the stunning seaside. Full body treatment in the peaceful surroundings with an awesome view? We’re in!