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Malta voted 2nd best at Diver awards


The three islands that make up the Maltese Archipelago – Malta, the largest; Gozo, the mythical isle of Calypso; and tiny Comino, famous for its Blue Lagoon – form a very special diving site at the heart of the Mediterranean. The waters here are some of the most limpid and clear in the world. Visibility is excellent down to around 30 meters.

This year in an awards ceremony at the Dive Show UK, held on 26 October, Malta was voted the 2nd Best Dive Destination of the Year by the readers of Diver Magazine.

Malta has been in the top three for the past five years, which is testament to its incredible scuba-diving credentials. The Maltese Islands boast an abundance of reefs, stunning caverns, caves and spectacular wrecks. The water surrounding the Mediterranean archipelago is known for its pristine transparency, warmth and azure blue colour.

The prestigious award placed Malta and Gozo as one of the most popular diving destinations internationally and the first in Europe. The highly awaited event took place at the NEC Birmingham during the International Dive Show. This award recognises the best in the industry, amongst leading diving destinations. The Best Dive Destination of the Year award had a strong list of contenders from across the globe vying for this year’s top three places.

Egypt placed first, while Indonesia placed third. In 2018, the number of tourists who opted for Malta as a scuba diving destination reached more than 127,000, while another 42,000 visitors opted for scuba dive activities during their visit in our islands. Minister Konrad Mizzi welcomed this award which places our islands at the forefront, as an all-year destination for diving enthusiasts. He added that most importantly, we should keep striving towards sustainable tourism and the importance of caring for our environment.