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Greetings from Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)


Japan’s southern main island of Kyushu is made for honeymooners and couples seeking romantic getaways where nature, wellness, culture and even moments of playfulness create experiences to be cherished for a lifetime. Best enjoyed and savored at a leisurely pace, Kyushu offers rejuvenation with excitement for mind, body and soul.

Cruising Down the Aisle – Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture

Yanagawa City is called the “City of Water” or the “Venice of Kyushu”, and just like Venice, the best way to experience this historical city is by boat. Created some 420 years ago as a castle town, an extensive system of canals was artificially constructed throughout as protective moats, as well as to form a highway for transporting people and goods from one part of the town to another. Today, just as in centuries past, visitors can cruise the waterways in a small boat called Donko Fune, headed by their own boatman. There are many photogenic spots to take in along the way with traditional buildings, historic monuments and Yanagawa’s famous willow trees dotting the canal banks.

To make the experience even more special, couples can arrange a photoshoot with a local studio, Studio Feel  whereby Japanese wedding kimono’s can be rented for the boat trip, just like local brides and grooms do as a tradition.

Hot Springs, Luxury and Modern Design  – Yufuin, Oita Prefecture

Oita is renowned as Japan’s ‘Hot Spring Prefecture’, and its town of Yufuin is where a number of luxurious hot spring resorts with contemporary Japanese aesthetics can be found. Here modernity, exquisite design, western gourmet experiences and spa treatments provide visitors a relaxed stay complete with privacy. One such place is Buaisoh with its spectacularly curated 12 rooms, all with private hot spring baths.

A choice of Japanese or French cuisine is on offer, as are helicopter transfers from Oita Airport or Fukuoka City. Another option is the exclusive Sanso Warabino with its 13 separate villas, each with their own hot spring baths, some of which are located on upper mezzanine levels. Here, urban luxury design blends beautifully with the surrounding nature to provide retreats of serenity and rejuvenation.