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NCL’s Cruise Nite 2017


Cruise Master recently hosted a #CruiseNite for travel agents with the objective to promote Norwegian Cruise Line’s new summer campaign for the Middle East – ‘Feel Free’.

The evening witnessed a strong attendance of over 100 frontline agents, who are the real heros who ensure that guests have a great experience. The evening was hosted at the Holiday Inn’s Knotty Yard Bistro & Grill in a pub setting replete with a Nautical theme. Guests were entertained with an evening of fun, games and great food and beverage while updating themselves with the latest offers and opportunities on NCL.

The event was hosted by NCL and organized by Cruise Master. Norwegian Cruise Line is a Bermudian company headquartered in Miami, Florida which began operations in 1966. Cruise Master is celebrating a decade of success servicing the travel trade with some of the best cruising options.