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Retail Value for Middle East Travellers

Rafael Soler, Tourism Manager – International Markets (GCC), Value Retail

The Middle East is an important market for us which represents about 15% of our total global market. Having said this, we have also recognised that Middle East travellers love Europe. Keeping these key aspects in mind, we would like to further develop the GCC area. In this regard, we are working very actively in markets such as UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and KSA. However, we feel there is a lot more that can be done to boost awareness of the Chic Outlet village products.

Market understanding

In terms of stronger market in the GCC, Kuwait is very popular with most Chic Outlets especially the London outlet. We are very positive about the region this year, as, we see more GCC travellers to Barcelona and Italy. This is apart from London and Paris, which are the traditional spots. With a constant product innovation, we are ensuring that our customers get a full experience.

Plans are also being charted for expansion within Bicester Village in London, which is going to expand by another 30-40 shops by end of the year. The Fidenza Village in Milan has also opened a new phase with additional shops.

With these additions, we are looking to increase the number of partners we have in the Middle East. We do have a strong network in this region but are looking to strengthen it even further. With this strategic approach, we are optimistic of achieving an increase from this region in terms of our targets by 15% over the previous year.