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More than just Airport Services

Dubai International authorities are constantly looking for ways to keep passengers engaged. In the latest development, passengers at Dubai International can stream free movies and TV shows prior to their flights. This is a result of a partnership between Dubai Airports and ICFLIX.

The initiative combines Dubai International’s free Wi-Fi experience, ‘Wow-Fi’, with ICFLIX’s video-on-demand service. A passenger can stream the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Jazwood (Arabic) content to their smartphones and laptops. The content on ICFLIX is available in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

This is the latest in a series of bespoke concepts to be rolled out by Dubai Airports in recent months including Wow-Fi, artDXB, the first Jones the Grocer in an airport and a brand-new sleep lounge ‘sleep ‘n fly’, with several other major projects in the pipeline.

“Dubai Airports is on a mission to engage more directly with customers, and transform the airport experience for millions of travellers each month,” said Eugene Barry, executive vice president of Dubai Airports’ commercial and Communications Group. “We intend to lead the practical application of available digital tools to exceed customer expectations, across multiple points of their journey at our airports, and including demands for more variety within the airport experience. Our continued investment in a superior Wi-Fi product (Wow-Fi) has ensured that our customers are connected with a free and fast service, and now we aim to enrich that platform with managed content and relevant messaging.”

The video-on-demand service is complementary to all DXB passengers for an initial trial period of two months. Following this trial, Dubai Airports and ICFLIX have said that they will assess customer feedback and options for future services.

New technologies cut waiting time at Dubai airports

New technologies like Smart Gate and the new service enabling the use of Emirates ID have brought down passenger waiting time at Dubai International.

As per recent statistics, the wait time has dropped to 10% during the first quarter of 2017. However, further research states that in the first three months of 2017, 84% of transfer passengers were processed within five minutes, 68% of arrival passengers were processed within 15 minutes, and 87% of departing passengers were processed within 10 minutes.

The implementation of Smart Gates, and specifically, the use of Emirates ID cards to pass through automated immigration gates has pushed down transaction times to an average of 10 to 15 seconds per passenger. It is calculated that approximately over 1.3 million UAE users have taken advantage of the new service.

The service is available across some 120 Smart Gates which can quickly, accurately and efficiently confirm the identity, travel plans and eligibility of UAE residents to enter and depart the country.

The motion sensor system allows the airport to track queues in real time. The system consists of a series of 530 sensors that have been installed at crucial passenger processing areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The sensors track movement of people, collecting and computing data like passenger wait times and queue lengths, and based on those factors, calculating prevailing level of service. The data is conveyed via a simple mobile application in use by more than 5,000 operational staff across Dubai Airports, airlines, and control authorities working at the airport.

Terminal 2 implementation is slated to take place during 2017. Both technologies support Dubai Airports’ DXB Plus programme designed to improve service while increasing capacity to 118 million passengers by 2018.