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Search and shop in less than three seconds

Recent studies by Google state that 40% of consumers will leave a site, if a page takes longer than three seconds to load on a mobile, with 79% unlikely to return.

In line with the emerging trends, Wego.ae has implemented the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) combined with Progressive Web App (PWA), making it the fastest loading mobile travel site.

As Honey Mittal, Wego’s senior vice president, product says, “By rebuilding the static pages using AMP, and the core search experience with PWA, Wego has decreased page load time from around 12 seconds to between .50 and three seconds.”

He further added, “Over 70% of Wego’s searches take place on mobile and increasing site speed was key to upgrading user experience and increasing engagement and conversions. We saw AMP and PWA as a development priority and we succeeded.”

For the search and shop experience, Wego built a PWA using service workers, reducing page load time to less than three seconds for new users, and less than a second for returning users.

The solution has had an impact on Wego’s business. “The loss of potential customers during site loading time has been reduced significantly and we have increased value for our partner’s marketing investments,” Mittal concluded. “The revamp has not only improved user experience but resulted in increasing conversions by 95%.”