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Ezeego1: Adept Product = Efficient Productivity

Neelu Singh, CEO and Director, Ezeego1

Ezeego1 as a company went live towards end of 2006 with the launch of our B2C product. After having established ourselves, we then looked at the B2B market in 2009. The idea to diversify into B2B was for two primary reasons – the diverse opportunities of a promising segment and competing with existing players. The idea took birth in India, where we penetrated into the B2B market well and grew substantially with a decent market share. Going as per statistics and consumer feedback, the confidence in our product coupled with growth year-on-year was the establishing factor. Moving on from here, it was the diversification of our product that helped us enter into new geographies. The objective of expanding the brand internationally was to establish Ezeego1 as a global B2B player.

Elaborating further Noel Swain adds, “If you look at the evolution of the Ezeego1 brand and value proposition we have in the market, one has to understand it from a product point of view. We are noticing that not just in the Middle East but also globally, there is a changing pattern in a way customers consume travel products. There is more of an unbundled approach to consuming travel. Citing an example, today’s traveller buys an airline ticket last minute, a hotel stay in advance, attractions are brought either in advance or even in-destination. Then, there are some travellers who want all – airline, hotel stay and attractions – brought at the same time from a travel agent. Evaluating this trend, we are catering to both type of customers. “

Product portfolio

Noel Swain, COO, Ezeego1

The Ezeego1 brand focused on two main popular segments – flights and hotels – while continuing to evaluate greater opportunities presents in other verticals / products. The diversification was existent in the segmentation as well as we targeted the OTAs, consolidators, SMEs and large corporates looking to use an online booking tool. In addition, we also looked at alliance partners.

“Ezeego1 offered an entire gamut of services available as independent components of travel as well as a full-fledged holiday product. So for flights, the obvious thing was to bring in low cost carrier and GDS-carrier content, if you take that one level deeper, how do you bring in differentiated levels of pricing. Taking it to the next level, since we have a global presence in India, the Philippines, UAE, Australia, UK and US; we also have fulfilment partners in other parts of the world. So, we have ensured that when a travel agent is searching for a flight, we are comparing prices across various markets globally. For example, it might be a Dubai – London – Dubai flight but this flight might be available cheaper in Australia. In real-time, we are comparing pricing from different points of sale and giving the customer the cheapest fare. This is our differentiated value proposition. With hotels, we have around 500,000 hotels which is a combination of aggregators and our own direct contracting which is about 20,000 hotels globally. On the technology side, the engine compares pricing at a room-type level across our own content and the aggregator content. This is our differentiating factor for hotels. In doing so, we are putting value back in the travel agents hands and helping them get maximum benefit at a detailed level,” adds Swain.

A lot of the global content present on Ezeego1 is relevant across markets. The 1,000 hotels in London is as relevant to India as it is to Dubai or even the Philippines. So we pull in that global content as well as look at customising local content for each market. From a technology standpoint, we have a variance of products from a retail travel agency facing product, to a white labelling plug and play solution. We also redistribute our content using our API to various customers such as technology companies or large TMCs who want to access all of our content using the API route.

Market penetration

Given that we have been in this space for 10 years, there has been a huge evolution in the platform. This gives us an opportunity to enter new markets much faster. The technology is already in place so all we need to ensure that we are customising content for that market. As a brand, we have been active globally with a strong presence in Asia and Australia. The Middle East is a growing market and we initiated our plans a year ago but much is left to be done. Our target is not just Middle East and North Africa but the entire Africa region. The main idea behind launching our product in the region was to continue to build this market as it is the most lucrative market from an online point of view.

We have had some initial successes in the Middle East market with some large partners, which are from the trade and some non-trade. Some of our partners include Gulf Holidays and the Etisalat Rewards programme in addition to a couple of large DMCs. We are seeing that we have the ability to continue to service this region due to the fact that we have a rich product base with us and we have also built a team in the last one year. We are seeing some significant growth month on month which is extremely encouraging since we are targeting the retail agents and large agents too.

The product has also seen a significant amount of technological investment and we will continue to invest in the product. We also are of realised that localisation of the product is important to support our growth while we have a global approach in building the product. Customer service will be another focus area which agents thrive on be it across the B2B or B2C segment. We have strengthened our customer service offerings in India and Philippines to cater to this region. Our customer support team understands the needs of this region.


The concept of localisation is not just an Arabic website for us. We are not looking at launching an Arabic portal but if the customer need arises, we will look at the option in future. Localisation would be the kind of hotels based on customers’ preference or even airline choices and destination favourites. We will continue to research in these areas to ensure that the localisation is becoming more and more robust. We would look at localisation from a product point of view and on our customer service offering.

Growth strategy

The UAE will be the headquarters for Ezeego1 for not just the Middle East but Africa too. Subsequently, we will also look at consolidating in Oman, Kuwait followed by Saudi Arabia, which is a market by itself due to its sheer size and volume. In terms of product enhancements, apart from being an OTA, we have also seen that there is requirement of customers or travel agents interacting with an operations team in case of offline queries. We have an operations team set up within the BPO service – which supports the market 24×7 for any content that is not available on the system.

In India, the way we have evolved in the retail space is through a franchise concept. We are certainly open to looking at franchise opportunities in this market, if it is lucrative enough. Home base agents are another focus too in this region which is growing quite substantially. With these factors well in place, our aim would be to penetrate and establish ourselves as a brand, who will be part of the consideration set for the trade. This is our first objective followed by our vision to be market leaders.

Our platform is fairly mature and has the ability to actually access content from multiple sources of supply starting with GDS companies or even looking at NDC standards. Our global pricing ensures that we put value back into hands of travel agent in terms of accessing best content. The other segments we would focus on apart from flights and hotels, will be holidays, activities, cars, cruises which we building across globally and insurance.

Differentiating Factors

Our focus has been to get into the depth of each category. When we talk depth, it is not just catering to what is popular but catering to what is sold. Our product verticals are not available with others so it is constant product-building for us. Customer service is our strength and finally, the bundling of products and its presentation is very important.