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RARE re-opens at Desert Palm

RARE re-opened with its grilled specialties and South American flair, with chef’s hand selected ingredients combined with artisanal precision to create cuts of chargrilled meats and fresh seafood cooked on RARE’s oak wood fire grill.

Diners can savour the gourmet delights of RARE’s South American influences and a Mediterranean touch, Taittinger bubbles and grape pairings from a 300-variety cellar. Thursday Tipples & Cheese nights have resumed with a vast selection of home cooked artisan breads, home cured meats & fish, fresh salads, handmade desserts (and of course a great selection of Cheese) all washed down with unlimited Scavi and Ray grape and sparkling grape.

Cheese selection include from Danish Bleu, Emmenthal, Gruyere, Parmesan, English Cheddar, Goat cheese, Brie, boccochini including Homemade Cheeses; Garlic boursin, apricot chevre, sun-dried tomato chevre, pepper boursin, Truffle chevre, stuffed brie cheese and a Hot Cheese Fondue from baked Camembert with herbs and garlic.