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Rehlat partners with Sabre

Rehlat has renewed a long-term agreement with Sabre Corporation to continue using its technology to power its online platform.

For the past two years, Rehlat has been using Sabre’s industry-leading technology and travel management services to help increase its online conversion performance, grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction levels and personalise the services it offers to its customers.

“We have witnessed strong double-digit growth since we launched in 2015,” said Bader Al Bader, president and founder of Rehlat.  “We have also used Sabre’s APIs to roll out new capabilities in mobile to meet the growing expectations of our tech-savvy travellers.”

Sabre’s travel marketplace plays an important role in facilitating the marketing and sale of airfares, hotel rooms, rental cars, rail tickets and other types of travel to more than 425,000 travel agents and thousands of corporations who use it to shop, book and manage travel.  It is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, processing over US$120 billion in estimated travel spend each year.


Sabre inks agreement with ITL World

ITL World has signed a new agreement with Sabre Corporation.  Under the new agreement, Sabre’s technology will enable the TMC to continue fuelling its global expansion strategy.

With 39 fully owned-operated offices across Asia, Middle East and Europe, ITL World, a member of the Eram Group will continue to access Sabre’s broad portfolio of technology solutions, including mobile, data analytics, personalisation and automation capabilities.  The TMC will also benefit from the new version of the Sabre Red Workspace, which was designed to help agents offer a greater experience and more personalisation to travellers.

Dr Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman and Managing Director Eram Group / ITL World said: “Sabre’s understanding of latest technology trends and traveller behaviours has been essential in our expansion in the Middle East.  Sabre’s new platform will help us meet growing demands of our travellers globally, who demand and expect increasingly personalised itineraries and a seamless travel experience.”

Sabre plays a critical role in enabling ITL World to increase productivity and achieve growth objectives.  The company provides technology and content to more than 425,000 travel agents worldwide.

Sabre charts out key future trends

Sabre Corporation released its latest technology forecast, Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report. The report evaluates nine key technologies with an outsized impact on the travel landscape, looking at what’s happening today and what to expect for tomorrow.

“We are in the midst of increasingly rapid and dramatic technological change, poised to revolutionize how and where we travel,” said Mark McSpadden, vice president of emerging products and technologies for Sabre Corporation. “Technologies like artificial intelligence, neural interfaces and quantum computing each have the potential to produce change as dramatic as growth of the Internet.”

Some of the highlights include:

Blockchain – Being hailed as the new ‘Internet of Trust’, blockchain is awash in innovators looking to transform industries, governments, commerce and culture. We look at short and long term effects most likely to change the travel landscape.

Neural interfaces – When it comes to the mind, there are two very different challenges: extracting information out and transferring new information in. Neural interfaces attempt to address one or both challenges, and can do so in either an invasive or non-invasive way.

Space Tourism – Mars is the final frontier of human travel for our lifetimes, but closer to home, commercial and government competition is heating up as a 21st century ‘space race’. It’s not just promising orbiting hotels, but trickle down technologies that will bring all corners of the earth closer together.

“The next generation will see a radical transformation of how we live, work and play,” says McSpadden. “We see tremendous opportunities for businesses to start experimenting with and implementing technologies like blockchain, augmented reality and trusted presence to help shape a more seamless, safe and personalized future for travel.”

Clinton Anderson, president, Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Clinton Anderson has been appointed president of Sabre Hospitality Solutions (SHS), effective 7 August 2017. 

He will succeed Alex Alt who has accepted an executive position at another company. Anderson joined Sabre in 2014, and he currently serves as senior vice president of strategy where he has been instrumental in key product, technology, business and investment strategy initiatives.

Prior to joining Sabre, he co-founded Emerson/Anderson, a private investment fund focused on small cap businesses.

Sabre creates an AI-powered chatbot

In a bid to move with technology and time, Sabre Corporation announced development of an AI-powered chatbot that leverages Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

These are a set of tools that organizations can use to add intelligent and conversational features to their applications. Sabre will initially test the chatbot with two travel agencies and the travellers they serve.

“Travellers want technology to deliver a more seamless experience, especially when managing on-the-go changes and disruptions,” said Mark McSpadden, vice president – emerging technology and products of Sabre Corporation. “Together with Microsoft and our agency partners, we are exploring how AI and chatbots can provide travellers with self-service solutions for routine requests while helping travel agencies provide personal service for more complex needs.”

In developing the chatbot, Sabre is leveraging Microsoft Bot Framework and a selection of Microsoft Cognitive Services, including Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS).

“Intelligent technologies, like chatbots, are augmenting the way companies are able to interact with their customers,” said Lili Cheng, corporate vice president, AI and Research at Microsoft. “Sabre’s chatbot is another great example of how AI can be applied to help extend business capabilities and improve satisfaction of travellers.”

Two Sabre-connected travel agencies – Dallas-based Travel Solutions International USA and San Francisco-based Casto Travel – will test a white-label version of the chatbot with travellers, who will access the chatbot via Facebook Messenger. Travellers will use the chatbot for common service and support requests, such as changing an existing flight reservation. The chatbot will divert to a live travel agent if it is unable to fulfil a request.

Throughout the test, Sabre and its partner travel agencies will evaluate travellers’ preferences for how often, when they engage the chatbot and when they are likely to divert to a live agent.  The companies expect to gain a better understanding of the best way to engage travellers with chatbots and solve for some common hurdles that many industries face when it comes to chatbots.

TVS Travels renews partnership with Sabre

TVS Travel renews Sabre partnership

TVS Travels in Kuwait has reaffirmed its business relationship with Sabre Corporation to support its global growth, drive operational efficiencies and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The travel company will continue using Sabre technology to manage its business operations including shopping, booking and managing travel for its clients, as well as leverage mobile, data and automation capabilities for a more personalized travel experience.  The company will also benefit from a range of new features and capabilities with the new Sabre Red Workspace which will be launched next year.

Dr Hyder Ali, chairman of TVS Hyder group. “Sabre’s technology gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We will continue working with Sabre to identify regional and global opportunities, and use their technology to create more personalized experiences.”

Sabre revamps GetThere

Sabre Corporation is taking GetThere to the next level with the launch of a fast, design-led mobile experience.

The new improved app will provide business travellers a simple way to book and manage in-policy travel on the go.

The GetThere user experience team conducted qualitative usability research sessions to evaluate what travellers and travel managers want and need out of an online booking tool. The newly redesigned GetThere applied results to create a new travel experience offering a smarter in-policy booking decisions.

“Today’s business traveller wants convenience of self-service solutions. Our new traveller-centric design puts the user first with mobile capabilities and content that’s essential for a smarter travel program,” said Wade Jones, interim president of Sabre Travel Network.

The revamped GetThere offers travel managers more options to use fare rules to identify Out-of-Policy fares and control whether certain flights are displayed within search results.

Visa, a recent adopter of GetThere generated the company’s highest adoption rate and bookings in compliance. Prior to implementing GetThere, Visa had a very low adoption rate, hovering around 17% company wide. As an immediate result, online adoption increased to 70% within the first week of the GetThere launch.