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A new dimension of travel

The ever-evolving technology industry is having its impact on practically every industry and travel is no different. In this last month, I have attended so many technology-focused events that it has compelled me to think of the sheer impact these advancements are having on every aspect of business and the new dimensions emerging. One of the many new high potential markets is that of Halal travel – a new segment that has emerged with immense potential – though a religious concept well-ingrained in the Muslim religion – it was not until a few years ago this trend got the spotlight and received a shot in the arm. Our cover story this month understands the hype around the concept and its impact on the travel industry.

We delve deeper into technological innovations as this is what is leading the way. There is constant talk about Millennial and how their beliefs are changing the travel landscape. Companies are exploring the realms of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and block chains. How much of these technologies, even though are being implemented currently in some way or the other, will have an immediate impact on the industry?

The concise Sabre Radar Report talks about technologies that are revolutionising the landscape of tourism. Some of these trends and technologies are already gaining some momentum while some may take some time to evolve. Nonetheless, this leaves me with many impending thoughts – what happens to the human interface? Will this cease to exist in our day to day work culture? What will be the impact of technology on our lives in future?

There is no definite answer but sure certainty that technology is taking over a lot of the human activities. Many people look at adopting to new technologies as advancements in business or rather moving with times, but in this rush to keep up with technology and get connected in the virtual world – what happens to team-spirit, passion for work, rush for deadlines, a competitive spirit…