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TAT showcases Women’s Journey Thailand campaign

In a bid to attract women travellers globally, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is bringing back the Women’s Journey Thailand campaign.

The campaign will highlight and offer women travellers a huge range of activities, special deals, discounts and privileges in Thailand throughout August. According to latest statistics of international arrivals, growth of female travellers has risen significantly over past few years.

Mrs. Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT deputy governor for international marketing – Asia and the South Pacific said, “Today, women are significant decision makers and powerful with high-spending power. With a full range of products and services that can serve women’s needs, Thailand can definitely be the ideal destination. The campaign will showcase how women travellers can enjoy these products and services at very attractive prices when they visit Thailand in August.”

Several activities will be brought back such as the Lady Golf Challenge, Lady Celebrities to Thailand, Thailand through Her Eyes, Lady in Thai Fabrics, and Lady Bloggers. These activities are to enhance Thailand’s positive image as one of Asia’s most female-friendly destinations.

TAT is also collaborating with various tourism-related businesses throughout the country, and has classified the products and services for women travellers into seven types. These include accommodation (hotels and resorts); health, beauty and spa services; shopping malls, dining and restaurants; recreation and entertainment; such as, theme parks; lifestyle activities; such as, handicraft workshops and fitness, and transportation services; such as, airlines and car rentals.

Meanwhile, the Airports of Thailand and Immigration Bureau will also provide special ‘pink lanes’ for women travellers who visit Thailand in August.

TAT director for Dubai and Middle East market concluded saying: “We are extremely happy to announce that TAT Middle East office received a 13% increase in tourist arrival in 2016 compared to 2015. In 2017, we aim at increasing this number to 34.5 million overseas travellers, an increase of six percent over 2016.”